A Quiet Legend

A Quiet Legend

Ronald Lacey was a British character actor whose career spanned more than thirty years; his was a face familiar from a variety of television and film appearances, but it was his performance as the evil Major Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark that gained him international recognition and a place in popular culture. Few villains in cinema, few devils in the demonology of popular culture, are as immediately sinister as Lacey’s Nazi agent. His name rhymes with the German word for ‘death’ and in his first scene his shadow appears before he does. Toht doesn’t so much step out of the shows as bring the shadows with him. The renown earned by a single, highly successful role can sometimes mask an actor’s versatility even while it opens doors for them.


English Actor
30-year Period
40+ Films
50+ TV Shows
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Ronald Lacey Blog!

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